Day 1 of ClassicBlanket


Every business starts with a story. Our story is that I've always loved great wool and fleece blankets. When my husband said that I should consider creating a web site to find the best blankets in the United States, I thought he was crazy. 

What convinced me to start was meeting Stacey Manosh the owner of Johnson Woolen Mills. I  had the opportunity to tour the factory in Johnson, Vermont with my 3 daughters. We saw the coolest wool and fleece blankets handmade mostly by women (ages between 40 and 90) that have dedicated their lives to making great products. 


So here I am and today - officially launching ClassicBlanket. We're starting with wool and fleece blankets because our partner Johnson Woolen Mills has + 170 years of experience and we'll give them a hand in selling their great products. 

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