We created ClassicBlanket to identify the highest quality classic wool and fleece blankets. Our philosophy is to help our partners showcase what's unique about their blankets and deliver their great blankets to you.

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About Our Partner - Johnson Woolen Mills

In 1842, Johnson Woolen Mills began producing fabric from the wool of local sheep. As a need for strong, warm and comfortable clothing and blankets grew, the mill began producing woolen blankets, shirts, jackets and pants to accommodate the local community. Word quickly spread throughout northern Vermont about the quality and warmth of Johnson Woolen Mills clothing. Ice harvesters quickly realized the water resistant properties of woolen clothing, which made our green 28 oz. pants famously known as the "iceman pants". In the early 1900's, the high quality workmanship, warmth and comfort of Johnson Woolen Mill products gave hunters, loggers, fisherman and other outdoorsman a much needed advantage to Vermont's sub-zero temperatures. Over the next 100 years woolen products from our factory could be found in nearly every household in the northern United States. Backed by nearly 2 centuries of tradition, four generations of Vermont ownership and the pride of being hand-crafted in the USA, Johnson Woolen Mills is a world-wide source for the highest quality wool and fleece products.



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